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    Summertime is Pool Time!

    Now that warmer weather is upon us, the focus turns to the outdoor space of our home. As Americans spend more and more of their time at home, this might be the perfect time to invest in a new pool or pool remodel. Here are 5 trends in pool design for 2020.

    1. NaturalPools–Asmoreofusconsidertheeffectofchemicalsonourhealth,morepool owners are installing natural pools. These pools are built to resemble a natural pond with boulders, waterfalls, and plants which filter the water naturally. The pool is filled with filtered water and maintained in an organic filtration process using gravel and plants.
    2. SaltwaterPools–Anotherwaytoavoidchlorineisbyinstallingasaltwaterpool.These pools use a salt-chlorine generator to provide residue-free water and this process has been growing in popularity for over a decade.
    3. TanningLedges–AlsoknownasaBajashelf,orsunshelf,atanningledgeisashallow shelf that allows you to stay cool while still enjoying the sun.
    4. RimlessInfinityPools–Infinitypoolshavebeenenjoyedatexpensiveresortsandspas for years, and more homeowners are now opting to include these beauties in their own yards.
    5. CustomFitPools–Asyardsgetsmaller,thepre-formedpoolsarenolongerpractical. Almost any yard can fit a pool by having a custom pool designed to fit the space.

    Summertime is pool time. As 2020 requires more of us to stay home, a new or remodeled swimming pool is a great way to enjoy our own backyards.

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